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here are just some of the educators who donate their time designing and testing our curriculum:
Trish Beckett.jpg

Trish Beckett, BA, B.Ed., is a retired special education teacher who received bachelor degrees from The Ohio State University and Edgewood College in Madison, WI. Her teaching background working with adolescents with emotional and learning disabilities helped her develop an awareness  More


Stephanie Clapes

Stephanie Clapes, M.Ed., is a learning specialist and educational consultant in New York City. She has specialized in working with children with autism as well as in working with gifted students with learning difficulties, and has worked with students with language, sensory and auditory processing disorders. More

Jacqui Miller

Jacqui Miller

Jacqui Miller has 20 years of Montessori teaching experience at the elementary and adolescent levels. She was the founding principal of a preschool-6th grade public Montessori charter school in Cleveland, Ohio.  She holds an AMI Elementary Diploma from the Washington Montessori Institute and has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Kim Cowperthwaite

Kim Cowperthwaite, M.Ed., is an English language arts teacher at Freeport Middle School in Freeport, Maine where she has also worked as a teaching coach and leads a student writing club. More

Chelsey Williams.jpg

Chelsea Williams

Chelsey Williams holds a Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Oregon State University, and works as the Continuing Education Manager in the College of Education. She serves as our Peace Literacy Curriculum Assessment Coordinator. More


Susan Radford

Susan Radford, B.A., is a middle school Science and AVID Elective teacher in the Everett School District in Washington State. She has been sharing her love of science with students, including English Language Learners (ELL) and Extended Resource Room (ERR) students, since 1991. More


Chris Mahon

Chris Mahon, B.Ed., MA, is a retired high school teacher from the Los Angeles Unified School District. In addition to teaching English courses at all high school grade levels, he has taught English as a Second Language to numerous students from around the world and has coached his high school’s Speech and Debate team. More

Natalie Celeste

Natalie Celeste

Natalei Celeste is the principal of Tremont Montessori School, a preschool-8th grade public Montessori school in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.  She received her AMS Secondary Credential from Houston Montessori Center, with an MA in Education from Ursuline College and a BA from Oberlin College. Natalie has served in the education and nonprofit sectors for over 20 years. 


Krista Hensley

Krista Hensley, M.A., received her B.A. in English and Secondary Education, and her M.A. in English both from the University of Indianapolis where she currently works as an Admission Counsellor. More


Shari Clough

Shari Clough, PhD., is a professor of philosophy at Oregon State University and the director of Phronesis Lab in the School of History, Philosophy, and Religion. She began working with Paul and Jo Ann in the spring of 2017. More

our national advisors:

devlin montfort


kate towle


carol reitz


kathy rowell


shout out to some of our community partners!

Jessica Slaybeck and Vicky Forsman and their team of dedicated educators at The Realm Creative Academy,

Santa Monica, CA


Jacqui Miller and Natalie Celeste leading Montessori education in the Cleveland Metro School District,

Cleveland, OH

Matt Boring, Colleen Works and so many other great educators from the Corvallis Public School District, Corvallis, OR


Taundra Pitchford and her team taking care of the youngest of the young at the Santa Barbara County Education Office, SBA, CA


David Newman, Bill Grille, Loretta Butts, and so many other amazing Rotarians

representing Rotary districts across the US and Canada


Michelle Boyle and Elizabeth Slade from the newly formed Public Montessori in Action


we are grateful for the work of our XR development team!



VR development


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