Messenger of Justice

Dispenser of Dues

Peace and Technology:
An Illustrated Exploration of  Humanity's
Five God-like Technological Powers
  • Humanity has unlocked five technological powers that people in the ancient world seemed to think only gods could possess.
  • For humanity to make sustainable progress toward peace, justice, survival, and prosperity in the twenty-first century, these technological powers must be recognized as critically important peace issues.
  • Metaphors from Greek Mythology show how the ongoing escalation of these technological powers requires an even greater escalation of our Peace Literacy.
Nemesis—Messenger of Justice, Dispenser of Dues—calls us to account.
Zeus (3_4).PNG

1. The Lightning Bolt of Zeus

A metaphor for electricity and the broadcast and digital technologies it makes possible.

Read more.

  • The Dreamworlds of Hypnos

    2. The Dreamworlds of Hypnos

    A metaphor for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

    Read more.

  • 3. The Robots of Hephaestus

    A metaphor for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Read more.

  • 01/

    4. The Life-Shaping Hands of Prometheus - Coming Soon

    A metaphor for Genetic Engineering.

    Read more.

  • 5. The Solar Fire of Helios

    Coming Soon

    A metaphor for

    Nuclear Weapons.

    Read more.

And finally:
Nemesis (3_4).PNG

6. Nemesis

Messenger of Justice

Dispenser of Dues

A metaphor for the need to counterbalance our technological powers with greater Peace Literacy. Read more.

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