peace literacy curriculum

We offer peace literacy lesson plans suitable for use in k-12 classes, as well as higher education and adult education. These materials have been created by a variety of educators as a public service, and they can be downloaded for free.

lesson plans:

study guides:

Educators and community leaders have also been developing study guides for the books in Paul K. Chappell’s The Road to Peace series for their classes, reading groups, and workshops.

For educators who are unable to afford books for their classrooms, we have a book donation program. Please contact us to learn more about qualifying for the book donation program.

Oshkosh students 2017


We are also committed to supporting educators who want to teach peace literacy, and we offer workshops to help people teach and model peace literacy skills. Visit here to see Paul’s workshop and lecture schedule.


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peace literacy compendium

We are building a compendium of ideas for group projects, assignments, in-class exercises, and community activities built around peace literacy themes. We also have a variety of teacher resources. You can download ideas or contribute your own.

peace literacy
curriculum developers

Sharyn Clough, Ph.D. Peace Literacy
Curriculum Coordinator

Trish Beckett, B.Ed.
Scott Griswold, M.Div.
Krista Hensley, M.A.
Abbie Jenks, M.SW., M.Ed.
Christopher Mahon, B.Ed., MA
Ann Mbacke, B.A.
Derek Petrey, Ph.D.
Susan Radford, B.A.
Katherine Rowell, Ph.D.
Chelsey Williams, M.A.

reports from the field

Teachers who’ve used our materials share their stories.

why our world needs peace literacy

A short essay for download.