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We have moved our workshops online for a self-paced training experience, available for educators, parents, and business and community leaders, with continuing education credit through the College of Education Professional Development for Educators program at Oregon State University. 

Registration now open for our two online summer courses:

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The enrollment fee of $300 includes digital workbook, certificate of completion, as well as 20 professional development credits, or 2.0 continuing education credits.


Visit here for a free preview; and here to register.

Feedback from some of the participants earlier this year:

  • “Already I am seeing things with a different perspective, especially as I work through my own aggression in my role as a parent and teacher….”

  • “The lessons on cultivating calm in self and others felt proactive and practical. They could really save a relationship; a job; a life ...”

  • Watch this short video endorsement from a special ed teacher.


Email joannpdeck<at> for info about scholarships or how to donate to sponsor a teacher/scholar.

Here's an informational flyer, please circulate widely!

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize how our behavior is driven by our non-physical needs.

  • Learn how smart phones, social media, and even video games tap into these needs.

  • Learn some basics about new technologies like AI, AR, and VR, where this tech came from, and where it’s likely to go.

  • Explore the promise and peril of these new technologies in a landscape of unmet needs and trauma.

  • Learn Peace Literacy tools for meeting these needs in healthy ways to better prepare for the tech tsunami.

Feedback from some of the participants earlier this year:

  • “Having the vocabulary and perspective of non-physical needs in mind helps me to see the world differently and then react or interact differently. I am attempting to see the world with a different lens and change my behavior to be more understanding and compassionate.

  • Watch this short video endorsement from a special ed teacher.


  • Link here; See a free preview here.

  • Complete work at your own pace; 3-4 hrs/week with optional weekly Zoom check-ins scheduled Thursdays at 5PM Pacific.

  • Enrollment fee of $300 includes digital workbook, certificate of completion, and professional development/continuing ed credits.

  • Email joannpdeck<at> for info about scholarships or how to donate to sponsor a teacher/scholar.

  • Here's an informational flyer, please circulate widely!

During the pandemic we held numerous workshops over Zoom:

Our 2021 Winter Workshop was a great success. We were all getting tired of Zoom, and the pandemic was wearing us down, but this group from 3 countries and 5 time zones came through, participating in 3 sessions of careful study, reflection, and practice. Onward!

PLI Winter 2021 Workshop Photo.jpg

In mid-October 2021 we had the privilege of spending three days in workshops with leaders of the Abrahamic Reunion—a dedicated group working in Israel and Palestine to help Jewish, Christian, and Muslim youth recognize their shared history and humanity in the figure of Abraham. They were particularly interested in the Peace Literacy curriculum on aggression that we present in virtual reality – they are looking for new tools to help with deradicalization and peacebuilding. The workshop went very well. We are now working with them to translate the Peace Literacy VR software into Arabic and Hebrew.  

Here is a two-minute video we made showing their very positive response to the training:

Click here to read some of their powerful endorsements of the workshops.

PLI Abrahamic Reunion Photo Oct 2021.png
Goodwill Day 2 Zoom photo.png

2021 was packed with multi-day Peace Literacy workshops over Zoom for teachers, caregivers, and community members of the public Montessori community in Cleveland, OH; high school teachers and staff in Winnipeg; teachers and staff of the Realm Academy in LA; and multiple workshops with teachers in the alternative high school program in Orange County. Here's a photo from one day of a multi-day summer workshop we did with a team of staff from Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Region, in the Pacific Northwest.

In the summer of 2020 we offered two public workshops combining Zoom and Virtual Reality, attracting over 60 participants from over 8 countries.


For part of the workshops, we used avatars in a virtual reality world, in order to demonstrate our paradigm-shifting Spatio-Allegorical Pedagogy. Left, you can see Paul and Shari’s avatars, brandishing MLK’s “sword that heals,” with the motto, “Satyagraha” or “Truth Force,” emblazoned on it.

In the summer of 2019 we offered a public workshop in Corvallis, Oregon. We had participants from all over Oregon as well as Florida, California, and Washington. Check out these comments and photos!


To the right is a group shot with some of the 2019 Summer Workshop participants.

2019 Workshop Group.jpeg

Earlier in 2019 we facilitated a 2-day community workshop in Minneapolis, with some of the participants pictured left. Participant Jeff Towle, Senior Cloud Security Solutions Architect at Intel had this to say:


“Paul K. Chappell doesn’t just want to hand out umbrellas during the thunderstorm. He wants to change the weather patterns.”

Tailoring Info
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help sustain our work

We design and distribute Peace Literacy Curriculum. Free.

For every student in every school around the globe, from pre-school to college and beyond.

Your donations help us to provide free Peace Literacy curriculum, to offer low-cost training in the effective use of the curriculum, and to expand our reach and impact in face-to-face, online, and virtual reality settings.


Your contribution will help sustain our work to spread Peace Literacy during a time when humanity needs it the most.

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