We hold a number of Peace Literacy Workshops for the public throughout the year.

After a 2-day community workshop in Minneapolis, June 2019, Jeff Towle, Senior Cloud Security Solutions Architect at Intel had this to say:

“Paul K. Chappell doesn’t just want to hand out umbrellas during the thunderstorm. He wants to change the weather patterns.”

Our 2019 summer workshop was in Corvallis, Oregon, Aug. 22-25, 2019. We had participants from all over Oregon as well as Florida, California, and Washington. Check out these comments and photos!

Below, Paul K. Chappell, middle row third from left, in a group shot with some of the 2019 Summer Workshop participants:

2019 Peace Literacy Summer Workshop Group photo

From workshop participant Amy Frasieur, Interim Director of Prevention and Wellness, Student Health Services, Oregon State University: “Beyond excellent. Paul and Shari are masterful facilitators who assisted me in imagining the world can change, see that it can and understand a path forward to peace. We have a sacred responsibility and rare opportunity to facilitate peace and kindness in the world--in our workplaces and day-to-day interactions. I am excited to connect this work to my life and gain confidence in conflict resolution. I cannot recommend this workshop enough.”

And from Zachary Lee, Engineering student, Oregon State University: “It quickly becomes clear why these skills and concepts are so badly needed. Through them, one starts to gain a sense of why our world is so screwed up and just maybe how to start fixing it.”

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Paul K. Chappell (back row) with participants of the July 2017 Peace Literacy summer workshop at La Casa de Maria, Santa Barbara.

Paul K. Chappell (back row) with participants of the July 2017 Peace Literacy summer workshop at La Casa de Maria, Santa Barbara.




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