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A Peace Literacy Approach to
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

If you are an educator in the US you have probably been asked to participate in, or show how your classroom management is consistent with, a PBIS system. As we explain in an essay published in the summer 2021 edition of MontessoriPublic, there are a number of well-documented strengths to the PBIS approach, but also some concerns, especially in the context of peace, justice, and equity.


How might we make use of the strengths of PBIS in the service of peace, justice, and equity? We've been fortunate to partner in this project with Jacqui Miller and Natalie Celeste, two members of the Peace Literacy curricular team dedicated to combining principles of Peace Literacy and the teachings of Maria Montessori in their work for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. Both  Jacqui and Natalie are involved with the implementation of PBIS that has been mandated by the Ohio Department of Education.

Together we've compiled below a number of resources to support this project that you can download for free.

We are grateful for a grant from the Tremont West Development Corporation for making this possible!

PL and PBIS 2021.png
PL Understanding Skills Capacities Poste

This is a slightly expanded version of our essay on PBIS that includes references and a bibliography.

We've put together a 4 part video series of short Zoom recordings introducing these topics for educators:

The 3 Elements of Peace Literacy
(13 mins)

Curriculum Map for the 3 Elements of Peace Literacy
(22 mins)

Healthy Belonging
(11 mins)

Building Shared Trust
(18 mins)

Peace as a skill-set
(4 mins)

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The Peace Literacy Institute designs curricular materials that anyone can download and use for free to support Peace Literacy in their schools and communities. We also provide education rates for our workshops so teachers can make the most effective use of the curriculum.

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Your contribution will sustain our work to spread Peace Literacy during a time when humanity needs it the most.

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