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Navigating the Human Condition:
Curricular Tools for Ages 9-99
prepared for traditional and virtual classrooms

Check out our 2023 PROJECT AND FUNDING PROPOSAL (links to a 2 pg pdf) for training educators to use this curriculum and tracking their success through research and assessment. You can help sponsor an educator in our our next summer cohort, by donating here (please note “sponsorship” in the donor comments ).


The Navigation Project begins with a student manual that accompanies a  ship's log and a series of 7 interconnected maps—together they tell an epic story of the human condition. The maps are designed to be used either as a portal to a virtual reality experience, or to guide a student's journey in a conventional classroom setting.

PLI Student Manual Cover 2022.jpeg

The Muscles of Our Humanity

This engaging 45 pg. illustrated student manual is 4 x 5.25 inches, designed to match the size of manuals from classic video games such as The Legend of Zelda. Available for order, soon.

Map 1:

First 4 Skills


This map guides students through 4 islands where they learn 4 skills. Beginning with the Island of Aggression, the first skill involves using the Eye of Empathy, which is also the first item referenced in the manual.

First Map.png
Drawing Portal Thumbnail_edited.png

 Prototype Map 1:

VR Portal

This video clip illustrates how students can also use Map 1 as a portal to access the 1st island in our Peace Literacy Metaverse.

Prototype Map 2:

Allegory of Storms


Still in prototype mode! Students learn how to use ideals to guide them through the storms of life, including the storms that will be created by new technology.

Map Two.png
Third Map.png

Prototype Map 3:

Needs, Trauma, Technology

Every image on these maps has a meaning - often multiple layers of meaning. As the epic story about the human condition unfolds across these maps, the images on an earlier map (e.g. Deimos and Phobos, Constellation of Peace, Nemesis) have a slightly different appearance on a later map. Each altered appearance has a meaning and serves a purpose.

Generous donations to PLI have allowed us to design the VR software that takes students through skill-building on the first of the four islands (the Island of Aggression) on the first of seven maps. There is so much more to build!

When completed, these tools will illustrate the comprehensive vision underlying our Peace Literacy curriculum, as we work to prepare learners of all ages for their journey into the human condition. On this journey, they will unlock powers and skills to help them survive and thrive in the 21st century.

All materials © Paul K. Chappell 2023.

Teacher response to the Student Manual and Map 1 has been one of excitement and eager anticipation for the next steps in the construction of this epic story. Your donation sustains this highly engaging and critically important work.

When he received his sample of the Student Manual, Wisconsin high school teacher Tony Capozziello wrote us to say, "The Muscles of Our Humanity is so incredibly simple, yet enriching… I equate it to 'slow food'. Amazing, high-quality, nutrient-dense... I've enjoyed the message and have shared it with a handful of students (so far). I love it so much, it will be my go-to graduation gift."

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