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Peace Literacy Curriculum for Pre-K
to 5th Grade

(lots of new resources!)

We've put together a 4 part video series of short Zoom recordings introducing some of the basics of Peace Literacy for educators:

The 3 Elements of Peace Literacy
(13 mins)

Curriculum Map for the 3 Elements of Peace Literacy
(22 mins)

Healthy Belonging
(11 mins)

Building Shared Trust
(18 mins)

Peace as a skill-set
(4 mins)

Peace Literacy Lesson Plan 1

Modified versions of this 3-part unit have been used for 4th-5th grade students.The unit includes sections on:

  • Understanding and Healing Aggression

  • Recognizing and Applying the Power of Respect

  • Resolving Conflict/The Power of Calm


New! For pre-K students-3rd grade, we have an abbreviated lesson on understanding aggression and cultivating calm.

The Garden of Strong Community

Our understanding of peace requires an understanding of shared human needs such as belonging, nurturing, challenge, expression, and explanations.


(This lesson is designed for students in Grades 1-4; and accompanies the essay  A New Peace Paradigm: Our Human Needs and the Tangles of Trauma)

New! We have a version of The Garden of Strong Community designed especially for kindergarten students.

New! As with all our lessons, The Garden of Strong Community can be used to meet a number of national and regional standards. We offer examples for using it to meet key US Common Core Standards in English Language Arts (ELA) for Grades 1-4 and Math for Grades 1-2.

NEW! Check out our

curricular resources for implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

consistent with a Peace Literacy approach,

and our resources page to find other support materials for teaching Peace Literacy from pre-K to 5th-grade settings.

We upload new curricular materials regularly!

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