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Peace Literacy Lessons for College and Adult Education
Peace Literacy Lesson Plan 1
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We've put together a 4 part video series of short Zoom recordings introducing some of the basics of Peace Literacy for educators:

The 3 Elements of Peace Literacy
(13 mins)

Curriculum Map for the 3 Elements of Peace Literacy
(22 mins)

Healthy Belonging
(11 mins)

Building Shared Trust
(18 mins)

Peace as a skill-set
(4 mins)

Navigating Crisis:
A 9-Part Series of Discussion Guides for Leadership in a Pandemic Age
Human Needs 9 Part Series Diagram.jpg

Peace Literacy Lesson Plan 1

The unit includes sections on:

  • Understanding and Healing Aggression

  • Recognizing and Applying the Power of Respect

  • Resolving Conflict/The Power of Calm

We also have two 90 min lessons designed for high school and college focusing on:

  • Understanding and Healing Aggression

  • Navigating Conflict/Cultivating Calm

The Landscape of Our Human Needs

To understand  peace requires an understanding of non-physical needs such as belonging and self-worth and how they get tangled in trauma. This is a multi-part unit.

In this 24 min. video , Chappell discusses 4 of these key non-physical needs. You can also download "A New Peace Paradigm," a short essay on the topic, as background reading. We have prepared a worksheet to accompany the video.

Metis: An Introduction

This multi-part unit uses the story of the Greek goddess Metis to help students  learn how to make good decisions, take effective actions, and unlock the power of waging peace.


The Allegory of Metis

The Muscles of Metis (The Muscles of Our Humanity)

The Constellation of Peace

This four-part unit leads students into a deeper and more practical understanding of peace that helps them to navigate the storms of life, the uncharted waters of new technologies, and the turbulence of our national and global challenges. It has been designed for middle school but can be modified to suit older students and adults. Each unit is linked separately, below.


Unit Introduction and Part 1: The Power of Ideals


Part 2: The Stars of Struggle, Training, Truth, and Strategy


Part 3: The Allegory of Video Games

study guides

Educators and community leaders have developed study guides for the books in Chappell’s The Road to Peace series for their classes, reading groups, and workshops. Click on the cover image to download the guide.


Study Guide Coming Soon

Check out our resources page to find other support materials for teaching Peace Literacy.

We upload new curricular materials regularly!

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