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Navigating the Human Condition:
Curricular materials: Under Construction

The first set of lessons in this series is called

Navigating the Island of Aggression


10 week series of twice weekly 15 min. sessions  (typically, the first session each week is a lesson, the second an activity)

Age Range:

Upper elementary students (4th-6th grade)


The Muscles of Our Humanity manual, a ship's log and a map, as well as lesson pdfs and slides



Educators can download the pdfs and slides for free, below. The ship's logs, manuals, and maps will be available for order, at cost, soon.

You can download a free sample of the Muscles of Our Humanity manual, here.



  • Unit Orientation pdf

  • Exit Tickets by Week pdf

  • Pre-Unit Survey Activity

    • pdf Taking the Pre-Unit Survey

    • pdf Discussing the Results

Week 0:

  • Intro Ship’s Log Activity

  • Intro The Muscles of our Humanity Manual Activity

Week 1:

  • Warning Aggression Lesson

  • Warning Aggression Activity

Week 2:

  • Fires Beneath Aggression Lesson

  • Eye of Empathy Activity

Week 3:

  • Hostile Aggression and Social Aggression Lesson

  • The Tapestry of Language Activity

Week 4:

  • Passive Aggression Lesson

    • pdf of lesson

    • slides for students

  • Passive Aggression Activity

    • slides for students

Week 5:

  • Ares and Athena Lesson

  • The Optical Illusion of Rage Activity

All links below tba:

Week 6:

  • Rage vs. Moral Fury Lesson

    • pdf of lesson

    • slides for students

  • Calm as a Consequence Activity

    • pdf of lesson

    • slides for students

Week 7:

  • 3 Skills for Calm Self/Others Lesson

    • pdf of lesson

    • slides for students

  • Three Skills/Tactical Breathing Activity

    • slides for students

Week 8:

  • Unit Reflection Lesson

    • pdf of lesson

    • slides for students

  • Post Unit-Survey Activity

    • survey link

Teacher response to the student manual and the first map has been one of excitement and eager anticipation for the next steps in the construction of this epic story. Your donation sustains this highly engaging and critically important work.

When he received his sample of the Student Manual, Wisconsin high school teacher Tony Capozziello wrote us to say, "The Muscles of Our Humanity is so incredibly simple, yet enriching… I equate it to 'slow food'. Amazing, high-quality, nutrient-dense... I've enjoyed the message and have shared it with a handful of students (so far). I love it so much, it will be my go-to graduation gift."

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