using peace literacy to meet common core, state, and provincial standards

Chappell and Clough have prepared the first in what will be a series of peace literacy lesson plans.

Lesson Plan 1 focuses on three main areas of peace literacy:

  • Understanding and Healing Aggression

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Recognizing and Applying the Power of Respect

This first lesson plan contains goals, resources, and notes on each of these three areas, organized in the form of Socratic-style dialogues.

Incorporating these peace literacy themes does not have to be a task additional to the work you already do to meet Common Core, state, and provincial standards, rather these peace literacy skills can be embedded in the requirements of the standards that you are already teaching. We can help you make your teaching of these skills more explicit.

As examples, we have prepared pdfs showing how these peace literacy skills can be used to meet social science standards for high school in the following states:

  • California TBA

  • Oregon

  • Texas TBA

  • Washington TBA

  • Wisconsin TBA

And social science standards for middle school in these provinces:

Contact to see how peace literacy can be used to meet other state and provincial standards, for other core areas and other grade levels.


peace literacy compendium

We are building a compendium of ideas for group projects, assignments, in-class exercises, and community activities built around peace literacy themes. We also have a variety of teacher resources. You can download ideas or contribute your own.


We have a number of workshops coming up this year that are open to the public - check them out!

peace literacy
curriculum developers

Sharyn Clough, Ph.D. Peace Literacy
Curriculum Coordinator

Trish Beckett, B.Ed.
Scott Griswold, M.Div.
Krista Hensley, M.A.
Abbie Jenks, M.SW., M.Ed.
Christopher Mahon, B.Ed., M.A.
Ann Mbacke, B.A.
Derek Petrey, Ph.D.
Susan Radford, B.A.
Katherine Rowell, Ph.D.
Chelsey Williams, M.A.

reports from the field

Teachers who’ve used our materials share their stories.

why our world needs peace literacy

A short essay for download.