Jerry Leggett

Peace Literacy Development Director

Jerry Leggett is founder of the 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation, a nonprofit organization established in 2015 to champion the cause of “Peace Literacy for All.” He serves as the
Development Director of the Peace Literacy Institute.


In his previous position as Executive Director of the Dayton International Peace Museum in Dayton, Ohio, he collaborated with many organizations such as the U.S Peace Corps, Rotary International, and the International Network of Museums of Peace. He also created the Peace Heroes Walk to celebrate local, national, and international peace heroes, a program to highlight community leaders and increase empathy and appreciation within urban and suburban neighborhoods. He is also the creator of The Peacebuilder Experience (PbX), a venue for communities of any
size to organize a peace education event that presents the core components of peacebuilding in today’s world.


Leggett received degrees from Sioux Falls College (B.A., Communications and Theater) and Eastern Seminary (M. Div.), Philadelphia, PA. He is a retired Congregational minister and
has spent a decade as a counselor to youth-placed at risk. He is a member of the Tubac Rotary Club in Tubac, Arizona where he is the Co-Program Chair and also a member of the District
5100 Peacebuilder Committee.


As a musician, Leggett has produced more than 20 signature-events and national music tours to raise funds and visibility for food programs, peace literacy education and other humanitarian
causes. One of his great musical moments was singing and playing guitar with Civil Rights icon and folk singer Pete Seeger whom Leggett offers as a role model “who calls us to build a world where no one is ostracized and everyone has something to share.”

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