peace literacy lesson plans and study guides for adult and higher education

Chappell and Clough have prepared the first in what will be a series of peace literacy lesson plans.

Lesson Plan 1 focuses on three main areas of peace literacy:

  • Understanding and Healing Aggression

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Recognizing and Applying the Power of Respect

This first lesson plan contains goals, resources, and notes on each of these three areas, organized in the form of Socratic-style dialogues.

These dialogues have already been used successfully in adult and higher education classes in areas such as political science, and philosophy.

Tailoring the lesson plan for your class

A team of educators at Oregon State University is working with faculty to tailor this lesson plan further to meet the needs of particular classes. Contact for more details.

Learning from your peers

A number of faculty in adult and higher education have begun to develop their own lesson plans, incorporating Peace Literacy within existing courses or designing new courses around Peace Literacy themes. We are in the process of gathering these plans so we can share them here.

Examples available for download:

  • Peace Literacy/Critical Citizenship
    A lesson plan for an introductory course in Philosophy, Ethics, and/or Political Theory
    Prepared by Sharyn Clough

  • The Cosmic Ocean
    An extensive discussion and activity guide for courses in Sociology or Political Theory, based on Chappell's fifth book, The Cosmic Ocean
    Prepared by Katherine Rowell and Derek Petrey

  • Want to share your own peace literacy lesson plan for a college or continuing education class? We'd love to hear from you! Contact

Course syllabi available

Peace Studies 101: Peace Literacy, a 1-credit course designed by students, for students (thanks to Katie Paul and Amy Gilmore of Walsh University in Ohio!)

Study Guides available

Faculty and community leaders from around the world have also been developing study guides for the books from Paul K. Chappell’s The Road to Peace series for their classes and workshops:



peace literacy compendium

We are building a compendium of ideas for group projects, assignments, in-class exercises, and community activities built around peace literacy themes. We also have a variety of teacher resources. You can download ideas or contribute your own.

new! workshops

We have a number of workshops coming up this year that are open to the public - check them out!

peace literacy
curriculum developers

Sharyn Clough, Ph.D. Peace Literacy
Curriculum Coordinator

Trish Beckett, B.Ed.
Stephanie Clapes, M.Ed.
Scott Griswold, M.Div.
Krista Hensley, M.A.
Abbie Jenks, M.SW., M.Ed.
Christopher Mahon, B.Ed., M.A.
Ann Mbacke, B.A.
Derek Petrey, Ph.D.
Susan Radford, B.A.
Katherine Rowell, Ph.D.
Chelsey Williams, M.A.

reports from the field

Teachers who’ve used our materials share their stories.

why our world needs peace literacy

A short essay for download.